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So finally, here it is the giant WIP post with finished photos!!

Arishok WIP

Picture 1: Horns - Foam covered in worbla.  Jason used a hard hat forehead strap to attach the horns.  The second set of small smaller horns has been added and the placement of the larger horns has been slightly adjusted.  The giant bands around the big horns has been placed, but all they need now is some paint.  We plan on blending his forehead with the horns better with a forehead prosthetic and some foam pieces. 

Picture 2: Kidney belt and front flap - Made from leather.  The front panel is oil tan, the front piece of the “kidney belt” is 5 oz veg tan, and the back is pig skin. The frankensteined paper pieces of paper are my patterns for the kidney belt and the battle skirt.  I decided on side seams rather than a back seam for the kidney belt because, like Tallis, the back is made out of a softer leather, so it isn’t extremely painful to wear.  It actually worked out really well.

Picture 3:  I was going to use four types of leather, but I changed my mind and have decided to make the battle skirt out of the pig skin rather than the heavy suede because I can tool it and add the gold “trim” with paint.  I cut up the bottom and added some distressing to make it look battle worn.

Picture 4: Elbow pieces - We decided to make them out of worbla rather than leather.  Jason did all the work with the foam, worbla, and shaping.  I finished the painting.  

Picture 5: These are also worbla.  Jason added the “stitching” detail  to the shoulders by using small strips of worbla.  I painted them to try to make them look like leather, as much as I could.  

Picture 6:  Jason has traced out the weapons onto wood.

Picture 7: The waist sash

Picture 8: The gloves I bought on ebay, but I took them in and added the leather bands to the top and bottom.  I used the same pig leather I used for the skirt and stitched them to the gloves.

We ended up finishing this costume at 1 am before the shoot, but I am glad we did.  We have a few things I would like to touch up before MegaCon, but I am so happy with these photos.  There should be more coming soon, but I couldn’t wait to share these.  Check out our facebook page for more Arishok and some of my Tallis.

Photographer 1

Photographer 2

You wanted it, you got it!